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Sri Lankan 16CT Cobalt spinel

Cobalt spinel's refer to spinel gemstones that contain traces of cobalt, which contribute to their blue or violet coloration. Spinel's are a group of minerals that can come in various colors, including red, pink, blue, purple, and black. Cobalt, when present in spinel, is responsible for producing a vivid blue color, and these gems are highly prized for their intense hues.

Here are some key points about cobalt spinel's:

Color: The presence of cobalt imparts a distinct blue color to the spinel. The intensity and saturation of the blue can vary, and cobalt spinel's are often valued for their vibrant and rich coloration.

Other Colors: While cobalt is known for producing blue spinel's, it can also contribute to violet or purple tones in some instances. The exact coloration depends on the specific concentration of cobalt and other trace elements present.

Durability: Spinel's, including cobalt spinel's, are generally durable gemstones. They have a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, making them suitable for everyday wear in jewelry.

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Origin: Cobalt spinel's can be found in various locations around the world, including Burma (Myanmar), Sri Lanka, and Tanzania. The geographic origin can sometimes influence the specific color and quality of the spinel.

Market Value: High-quality cobalt spinel's with intense blue colors are often sought after by gemstone collectors and enthusiasts. The market value is influenced by factors such as color, clarity, size, and overall rarity.

Cobalt spinel's are appreciated for their beauty and uniqueness, and they make stunning additions to jewelry, including rings, earrings, and pendants. When purchasing cobalt spinel or any gemstone, it's essential to buy from reputable sources to ensure authenticity and quality.

From Luster to Lesson

A momentous discovery unfolded in the heart of the Ratnapura mines in Sri Lanka as the diligent miners unearthed a magnificent 16-carat Cobalt gemstone. Excitement filled the air as the gem promised to be a rare and extraordinary find.

Anticipating a pristine and precisely cut gem, we at Benqubi Gems embarked on a journey to transform this sizable 16-carat gemstone into a dazzling 10-carat masterpiece. Eager to unveil the gem's full potential, we enlisted the expertise of a third-party gemstone cutting and polishing artisan, confident that their skills would bring out the best in this extraordinary cobalt gem.

However, the venture took an unexpected turn. Despite our best intentions, the challenge arose because we needed more experience cutting cobalt gemstones at that time. Unfortunately, the third-party cutter, requiring more familiarity with the unique properties of cobalt, over cut the stone in their attempt to achieve perfection.

The grand vision of a 10-carat marvel was altered, resulting in a collection of smaller stones totaling only 6 carats. The incident, while unfortunate, served as a valuable lesson, highlighting the importance of expertise in handling specific gem varieties.

Although the gem's size had diminished, its intrinsic beauty endured. Each of the resulting 6-carat stones possessed a charm, yet the overall value had significantly reduced.

In this tale from the Ratnapura mines, we learned that every gemstone carries its own story, and sometimes, the journey of discovery involves unexpected twists. Despite the setback, Benqubi Gems remained committed to pursuing excellence, vowing to enhance our expertise in cobalt gemstone cutting to ensure that future discoveries would shine even more brilliantly.

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