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Benqubi Gems Exclusive Global Finds

Benqubi Gems, established in 2017, is a trailblazer in the gemstone industry. We provide natural gemstones from various locations worldwide, including Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Mozambique, and Bangkok, Thailand. We prioritize ethical practices to ensure that every gemstone and piece of jewelry comes from responsible and sustainable sources.

In 2017, a shared passion for gems and the desire to bridge the cultural and gemological richness between the United Arab Emirates and Sri Lanka led to the birth of Benqubi Gems in the bustling city of Dubai. Mohamed Hassen and his elder son, Insaf Hassen, founded the family-owned business. Benqubi Gems established itself to promote the Gems and Jewelry trade between the UAE and Sri Lanka. However, the company expanded its operations over time and forged a robust presence in Sri Lanka's gemstone-rich landscapes. This expansion empowered Benqubi Gems to cater to both the local market and the global gemstone wholesale trade. 

Benqubi Gems Generosity

The CEO of Benqubi is gifting a 6-carat natural chrysoberyl gemstone from Sri Lanka. This gemstone is now part of the Smithsonian's collection and represents our world's shared history and diverse art and culture. This event occurred during the AGTA Gem show in Tucson, Arizona, 2024.

Benqubi Gems is passionate about creating exceptional experiences for customers seeking gems and jewelry for special occasions. Every purchase is more than just a transaction; it's an opportunity to be a part of the customer's unique story. 

Benqubi Gems CEO presenting valuable Sri Lankan Chrysoberyl gemstone to world famous Smithsonian Museum


Meet the Founders

As a family-owned gemstone supplier, we understand the importance of offering a wide variety of gemstones that appeal to all tastes. To that end, we have spent years curating a collection of high-quality gemstones that are sure to make any jewelry piece stand out. 



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Benqubi Gems CEO and  Founder



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Benqubi Gems founding partner


Benqubi Gems' Odyssey in Sourcing Magnificent Big Stones

Benqubi Gems sources high-quality, sizable gemstones worldwide. Our team's dedication transcends borders, enabling us to acquire large stones that make a bold statement in the world of luxury gemstones. Our journey takes us to various corners of the world, ensuring that each gem we procure is exceptional in quality and size.

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